Are You Going To See Fifty Shades of Grey?

Would you tell me if you were? Many things in our world are divisive. Who knew a book, and now a movie, would put people in one of two camps: Lovers or Haters of this best-selling book?

As for me? I’ll go see it. I’m grateful E.L. James made BDSM something one could talk about in the most unlikely places. Like the [major corporation I cannot name]. 

Picture this: Six women and two men sitting in a board room when Fifty Shades of Grey comes up. The female senior vice president (overseeing at least 300 people in her workday) said she’d just finished reading it. I was stunned when the other people in the room started talking about Christian Grey. Like they’d read the book(s)! In front of their co-workers! And did I mention it was a MAJOR CORPORATION? (When I officially retire from PR, I’ll tell you the name. You’ll recognize it, and I can be safe I won’t get sued for outing one of their Sr. VPs. Ha!)

My first foray into erotic fiction was A. N. Roquelaure’s (Anne Rice) Sleeping Beauty Series two decades ago.  When I read this series in the early 1990’s no one sitting in a board room would dare talk about what went on between those pages. Thank God, the world is different today.

Now that Fifty Shades has made erotic romance (and BDSM) more, shall we say, open to discussion, we should take advantage of this new openness (our own Glasnost?). I’m not going to swoon over or diss the book. Enough people have done both. Instead, I’m encouraging you to come to New York City in August to attend the BDSM Writers Conference where you can meet your favorite erotica and erotic romance writers and meet real-life BDSM lifestyle enthusiasts. 

In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Be safe, sane and consensual.

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