Sex Position Gumby. I Kid You Not.

Greetings my friends. Lots of news to share with you today. Let’s start with the fun . . .


I am (almost) recovered from my virgin attendance at Wild Wicked Weekend — a three-day party that might be legal here, but surely is illegal somewhere in the world. Yet another reason to rejoice if you’re reading this from a safe part of the free world where fun, erotic romance and smexy talk among consenting adults is celebrated. Anyway, back to WWW. Words cannot accurately capture all the fun to be had at this author/reader/blogger/reviewer/whoever-you-are event in San Antonio, Texas every February (right about the time I want to keel myself from winter doldrums).

Check out all the shenanigans here at my recap on LadySmut (you know I blog there, right?), which include lots of pictures. Here’s one to whet your appetite.


Yes, that is me playing one of the many games from WWW: Sexy Position Gumby.  No, that is not my bra. If it was, I’d tell you. In fact, I might shout such a declaration. I wasn’t, ahem, that blessed in that particular department. What you see is the “prop bra.”

(Haven’t visited LadySmut? Come on over and check out this group blog, especially Sexy Saturday Round-up: all the smexy, fun news from the Internet that week.)

LAP DANCING! No real segue required. Did you read my guest post on Kate Allure’s blogpost on how lap dancing can be a feminist act? For realzies. Check out Kate’s giveaway that ends April 5, 2016, too. I’m giving away two copies of UNTOUCHABLE, book 2 of the Elite Doms of Washington. No need to have read Book One (LOVELY) in advance – unless you want to. All my books are stand-alone stories with no cliff-hangers. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE.

YET ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! You’ll have to hurry to make this one. I’m supporting a Kindle Book Review giveaway where you can win Kindles, Fire Tablets & gift cards at The LUCKY READER Giveaway.  Ends March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE. 

A BIG THANK YOU TO MY REVIEWERS! A quick but huge thank you to all the readers who’ve left me reviews & yummy stars on Amazon, Goodreads and other peer-recommended sites. I smooch you all over. LOVELY (the first Elite Doms book) had a sudden surge in reviews over the last few months, especially on Goodreads. LOVELY’s Dom Jonathan Brond personally thanks you.






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