Music To Get Your Sexy On

It’s no secret that I love music, and sometimes write to it. Certain songs have even steered my book’s plots and characters. Each Elite Doms’ book has it’s own playlist or soundtrack. Below is Perfect’s playlist. The book, the third in the Elite Doms of Washington series, is a second chance story that includes domestic discipline, secrets and lies, and one very hot alpha who wants nothing more than to save the world. In the end, however, he might need saving more than anyone.

About Perfect: Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden. Isabella Santos married the wrong man. After her husband’s death, fate gives her a second chance to connect with her perfect Master—Mark, the brother of her late husband.

Enjoy these songs, as they inspired much of this story.

1. Human
by Aquilo

2. Elastic Heart by Sia (Please ignore this video. It’s ridiculous. But the song is great.)

3. Lay Me Down by Sam Smith

4. Cactus in the Valley by Lights

5. She Used to be Mine by Sarah Bareilles

6. Medicine by Daughter

7. Ordinary Love by U2

8. Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

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