Tough Break

The Shakedown Series, Book #2

Coming this Summer!

Declan, Shakedown’s owner, doesn’t pine for women. They come to him. Throw themselves at him. No one understands his obsession with cold, angry Phoenix Rising.

But how could they? How could they know what she did for him so long ago? He owes her and he won’t stop until every trace of the hurt and betrayal he sees in her eyes is gone.

Phoenix won’t give in to his adoration. She also made a pact long ago.

Never be separated from her sisters again.
Never to be swallowed whole by another’s agenda.
Never allow a man to dictate her life like their father.

Declan should move on. He should stop tempting her. Stop being so damned perfect.

But when she learns of his connections to a dark underworld, she may be the only one to save him – but will she?