Tough Love

The Shakedown Series, Book #3

Coming this Fall!

Carragh has waited years for the perfect moment to overthrow his father. Take the crown, the throne, and the fortune due him as the eldest son.

Then redheaded burlesque dancer Luna Belle sashayed into his view and refused to leave his dreams. Fine. He’ll take her, too.

No matter her refusals.
No matter her futile protests.
No matter her denial of the red-hot heat between them.
He will have her.

After all, a King needs his Queen.

Luna Belle has plans. They do not involve an underworld life. They do not involve being a slave to an untenable, consuming passion for one Irish kingpin.

She’s not about to let someone like him ruin her and her sister’s lives. She can live the rest of her life knowing she’ll never want a man as much as she wants Carragh.

She can resist him.
She has to.
Otherwise, people will die.