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a contemporary erotic romance

~~Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians (except, perhaps, by this one)~~

~ ~ ~ EXCERPT ~ ~ ~

Jonathan stood on the blazing hot concrete longer than he cared to, but he needed to resolve the internal debate that had raged in his head since he sat down. The last person he expected to see here was Christiana Snow. Yet, there she sat, tempting him like a creamy delicacy.

A fall of blond hair cascaded over the back of the chaise and her long, elegant legs stretched out, glistening with sunscreen. Small breasts, barely covered in triangles of sapphire Lycra, rose and fell with her deep breaths. She looked more serene than he’d ever seen her, certainly more than when they plowed into one another at the Churchill fundraiser mere days ago.

Her rosebud lips parted on a sigh. His mind filled with visions of succulent kisses—and wet sucking sounds from her mouth encasing his cock. He hardened instantly.

Perhaps running into Christiana at the fundraiser—and now here—was fated. He didn’t believe in such nonsense, yet some kismet seemed at work.

The more voluptuous Avery Churchill perched beside Christiana. She wore the same expression he’d seen at the fundraiser. Ennui and entitlement. She irritated the fuck out of him.  It was strange seeing these women from two different worlds together, given what he knew of Christiana’s family history. And, he was from yet a third universe.

He should walk away.

Christiana stretched like a warm kitten in a slat of sunshine.

She’s nineteen. Forget it. He had an election to win, a family legacy to restore, and a personal life that already skated the edge of respectability.

Walk. Away.

Her pink tongue swirled over her lips. He turned toward them. Jonathan had an hour before he needed to be at the television station. He could at least say hello.

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4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon
(Thank you, wonderful readers & reviewers)

. . . simply unable to put it down. There were several little twists and turns which surprised me and kept me on my toes.”
~The Smutsonian, professional reader and reviewer

“Elizabeth’s obvious familiarity with the city of Washington DC is apparent from page one, and as we move briskly through this fascinating story, it is equally apparent that she is imbued with both a familiarity with the social life, the government types, and the shenanigans that only occasionally creep into the media.”
~Top 100 Reviewer on Amazon

“. . . an extremely well-told story that expertly balances romance, sex, and intrigue. It’s thrilling, highly erotic, emotional, suspenseful, and ultimately very satisfying.
~Amazon Reviewer

Why Set an Erotic Romance in Washington, D.C.?

This blog post first appeared on Kay Dee Royal’s blog during my Lovely blog tour. 

Don’t know about Lovely? The story is a contemporary erotic romance where college student Christiana Snow finds dominance and submission with Congressman Jonathan Brond adventurous—and ripe for scandal.

But, why set the book in Washington, D.C.? Our nation’s capitol  is a fascinating place to set an erotic romance.  Really? you ask. [Drops voice to a whisper] But the thought police live there. You know, the government? Yes, but just like Hollywood isn’t the totality of Los Angeles and Wall Street isn’t the definition of New York City, the government isn’t everything that exists in Washington, D.C. A whole lotta naughtiness goes on in our nation’s capital that has nothing to do with a federal budget.

Tourists flock to this city every summer, people raise families both inside and outside the Capital Beltway, and people get stuck in traffic, grocery lines and relationships just like anywhere else.

Still, the government and all its influence is palatable. Because of this impact, two unique characteristics of Washington, D.C. make it a fascinating place to set an erotic romance: the quest for power and the absurd level of judgment.

First, the need for power. Reminders of power’s importance are everywhere: monuments and memorials marking important historical outcomes; black SUVs travelling in packs; the Pentagon building looming over rush hour traffic; and the heads of federal agencies and businesses standing in line at Starbucks. Alpha energy is everywhere.



In particular, as a BDSM erotic romance author, setting a sexual, dominance-submission dynamic against this natural, “power-aware” backdrop is fun. Imagine a submissive’s delight walking into a reception filled with dominant personalities – attorneys, members of Congress, judges, and CEOs. Heaven. Picture a submissive male walking into a restaurant where everywhere he looks sit female leaders of software companies, political action committees and trade associations. Jackpot.

Also, the idea that you could lose your power because of the second element — the ridiculous level of judgment — adds yet another layer to a juicy and titillating romance.

Have you watched the news lately? Pick any Washington scandal from the last year and it likely involved sex. Yet the town is notorious for telling people how they should live, especially around their sex lives. Carnal acts are only accepted if conducted with a marriage partner, in the missionary position, with the lights off, right? Well, let’s get real. In reality, people everywhere act out their desire, lust and love. But, in Washington, few people will approve of it. So when my characters act like real people (read: indulge in lustful fantasies), all hell can break loose pretty quickly.


So, what could be more fun? Power hungry people having “unacceptable” sexcapades! Yeah, I think I like it. Sorry, Washington. You kind of brought it on yourself, you power-needy, sexy city.

Book One of the Elite Doms of Washington Series (Stand alone. Not a cliff-hanger) 

Book Description:
Can you have love and power at the same time?

Congressman Jonathan Brond has mastered his work, his reputation and the art of sexual domination while keeping his family’s political legacy intact. But a chance encounter with college student Christiana Snow promises something he didn’t think was possible–meeting someone honest.

When the charismatic man proposes a summer of sensual, sexual submission, Christiana leaps into his world—the antidote to her bland life. But Washington, D.C. is an unforgiving place; soon gossip and scandal threatens their relationship.

Yet, in a town of players, sometimes introducing a new game is the only way out. Who knew love would be the winning plan?

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Lovely (Elite Doms of Washington, #1)

New Free Bonus Excerpt, Interview and Giveaway To Honor The “Love Month” 

Picture‘Tis the month of romance. Valentine’s Day and a plethora or new erotic fiction debuts are sure to make February a little warmer for us all.

In honor of this love-filled month, we’ll be “giveaway central” at Chez SaFleur.

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New Bonus Writings and a Very Special Interview
Every wonder how Jonathan’s interview with Peter Snow went? (If you haven’t read LOVELY yet, you probably haven’t. But, we can rectify that right here, right now. Subtle, huh?) A free excerpt of the interview between Peter and Jonathan will appear here in February, just for you!

Also, we’ll be posting an interview with a very, very special person. Hint: I met her at the BDSM Writers Conference. If you’ve ever wanted to meet your favorite BDSM erotica and erotic romance authors, this is the event to attend. It’s fun, educational and friendly, and a must-attend if you love this genre.

Lastly, in honor of a “certain movie” coming out soon, I give you my own version of a famous line from the novel that inspired said cinematic event.

May February bring you lots of hugs . . . and great reads to inspire and thrill you.

NEW Sexy Excerpt of Erotic Fiction Novel, LOVELY

I love first kiss scenes. The anticipation, that first taste of another person’s lips, and wondering what to do with noses and tongues. Enjoy this “first- kiss” excerpt from LOVELY, a contemporary erotic romance, now available for your reading pleasure.

* EXCERPT * (Warnings: Mild sexual language)

The cold ladies’ room reeked of antiseptic. Thankfully, it was empty. Christiana leaned against the marble sink. She had gotten out what she needed to say. So what if she witnessed legislative aides parting like the Red Sea when she and her father walked in? Or she had to endure getting her father back to the car after he turned brash, spitting Jim Beam on his targets? Or she had to see Congressman Brond’s expression harden and feel the very air around him close up like an umbrella?

Christiana pressed a wet paper towel to the back of her neck as she rested her forehead on the marvelously soothing tiled wall. The pricks of light stopped dancing and her heart slowed. It was time she and her father headed home. She shouldn’t care what people thought.

She turned and took a last check in the mirror. At least her make-up behaved. She pushed open the metal door and stepped into the hall, steeling herself for the extraction process. No matter what her father said or how loud he grew, she would get him to the car.

The tap-brush sound of feet on marble steps echoed through the deserted hall. It was him. Even his footfalls exuded confidence.

Congressman Brond appeared in front of her before she could duck away. Without a word, he encircled her waist and steered her into a room across the hallway. He caged her against the wall inside the door. His green eyes reflected how he felt about what had happened upstairs.

Christiana hated that look of pity.

Should she protest him stealing her away or apologize for her father’s behavior?

Cupping one side of her face with his hand, his thumb moved slowly over her bottom lip, releasing it from the nervous clasp of her teeth. She gulped, startled, as his hand grasped the back of her neck. She inhaled his expensive linen and leather aroma. Her mind struggled to catch up to his hold when his knee slipped between her legs and parted them. He leaned into her pelvis.

Her heart pounding, she arched her back to meet his rigid erection underneath.

What was she doing?

His eyes narrowed in response, a little surprised, a little less sympathetic.

She wanted to know what his body would feel like under her hands. Her palms slid, almost as if under someone else’s control, under his jacket until she embraced his waist. His jacket, now parted on either side of her, left only a thin shirt and her dress between her belly and the ridges she felt across his abdomen. She was right about what she’d imagined under his suit. She curled her fingers around his lower back muscles. The congressman’s mouth was on hers before another thought had time to form. Soft lips moved over her mouth. His leg forced further between her thighs, parting them more.

A greedy yearning obliterated her thinking. She never wanted him to break away.

His tongue demanded entrance to her mouth. She moaned as she acceded to his command. He slanted his face to latch his firm lips onto hers more fully. She didn’t know how long their tongues danced or exactly when she lost the distinction between her body and his, but she didn’t care.

He finally broke their kiss but kept his face close. “Lovely,” he murmured.

“Congressman?” Her voice sounded as weak as her knees.

“Drop the whole ‘congressman’ thing, Christiana,” he said, his hot breath moving over her moistened lips.

“Yes, sir,” she said softly.

She could feel his lips quirk into a smile, sliding over hers. “Call me Jonathan when we’re together. At least for now.”

When nineteen year old Christiana Snow is lured into a summer of sexual submission with charismatic Congressman Jonathan Brond, the relationship promises the adventure she’s been craving and the life he’s been missing. But in unforgiving Washington, D.C. the threat of scandal and gossip always looms.



5 Stars: “This book was addictive. I really enjoyed the character development and found myself feeling strongly for each of the characters whether it be outrage, sympathy or sadness.”

5 Stars: “This story is surprisingly sweet and romantic but has enough spice to make your pulse race.”

5 Stars: “The genuine desire and tension in ‘Lovely’ makes it an irresistible and arousing read.”


Lovely: Elite Doms of Washington (Book 1)

Lovely Character Inspiration. And Pre-Order Discount! #ASMSG #Romance

Then he grew a little more stern.

Lovely’s hero, Jonathan Brond, began whispering to me many years ago. After a decade of not listening, he gave me “the look.”

When the writing began, he got right down to business . . .

. . . with Christiana Snow.

She didn’t mind.

She relished his attention, his care, and his unique brand of sexual fulfillment.

But no one (not even me), understood how far their friends . . . 

. . . former lovers . . .

and the elite of Washington, D.C. would go to prove one, long-standing tenet in our nation’s capitol: Never underestimate how far someone will go to maintain their power over you
. . . or their desire for love.

The countdown has begun. Just nine days left to take advantage of the $2.99 pre-order discount.
Lovely will be delivered to your e-readers on January 1, 2015. 
Start out your New Year with a little steamy reading. 

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Early Reviews:

5 star:
“Elizabeth SaFleur’s book explodes and almost rocked our capital for a loop!”

5 star:
“Wow. Where do I start… This book, ‘Lovely’, was an exceptional book.”

5 star:
“ . . . a book that will stay with me. A must add to your TBR list. Highly recommended.”

Lovely: Elite Doms of Washington (Book 1)