Happy New Year’s Eve! Music, Book Trailers, Bonus Writings, Oh, My!

May the new year bring you everything you wish. In case you’re wishing for more hot and juicy moments, may I suggest some erotic romance reading? Choose a book from one of your favorite authors, or take a chance on a relatively new author (me!). Today is the last day to pre-order Lovely, a contemporary erotic romance, at nearly 50% off.

When nineteen year old Christiana Snow is lured into a summer of sexual submission with charismatic Congressman Jonathan Brond, the relationship promises the adventure she’s been craving and the life he’s been missing. But in unforgiving Washington, D.C. the threat of scandal and gossip always looms.

In case you’re wondering if Lovely is for you, below are some bonus writings, two book trailers and a link to the Lovely playlist. They will help showcase who you might meet between Lovely’s pages.

Like Jonathan Brond . . . Read his two-part interview with a very nosy reporter here and and here. (Bonus writing not in Lovely.)


And Christiana Snow . . . Read a bonus scene here (not in Lovely).

For your listening pleasure:The Lovely Playlist. (The giveaway noted is closed, but stop by my Pinterest board for weekly giveaways!)
Ready for the book trailer? We have two! Enjoy!
Lovely: Elite Doms of Washington (Book 1)