Goood riddance 2016. Helloooo 2017.

To start the new year well, I’m offering a super special giveaway, new bonus material from UNTOUCHABLE (an Elite Doms of Washington novel) and let you in on a great new read (or listen).
The Super, Special, Sexy, Saucy, Scintillating NEW YEAR Giveaway!
It’s time to clean out the closet, dust off those book jackets and start anew. Here we go. One winner will be chosen on January 31, 2017 to win a stack of books I’ve been hoarding saving.  Go to the giveaway page on this site or  ENTER HERE!

New Bonus Material: London’s List
If you’ve read UNTOUCHABLE, you know that public relations “princess” London Chantelle puzzles our hero, Carson Drake. In the book he starts a mental list — London’s List – of characteristics of the woman he grows to know and love. (SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read UNTOUCHABLE, minor spoilers included.)

Read London’s List here.

Psst, the UNTOUCHABLE audio book will be ready for your listening pleasure soon!
What I’m reading (or listening to)
Audio books are quickly becoming my new passion. Right now I’m listening to MARRIAGE GAMES by CD Reiss. It’s a real page turner! Or, rather, an ‘on the edge of your seat’ listen.
Thirty days. That’s all Adam Steinbeck demands of his wife. Thirty days in a remote cottage, doing everything he demands. After that, he’ll sign her divorce papers and give her their company.
That’s how long he has to rediscover the man he once was. The dominant master he hid when he fell in love with her five years before. She wants their production company badly enough to go to the cottage for a month. Cut off ties to the world and do his bidding. She can submit to him with her body, but her heart will never yield. She thinks this is his pathetic attempt to repair their marriage. She’s wrong.
As for other reading….if you’re sick of hearing how Washington doesn’t work, and want to see how the Elite Doms are bringing a little discipline to our nation’s capital, look no further than this series. Not all power in DC is wielded by politicians. Aren’t we glad?
Check out the Elite Doms series here. And follow me on Amazon if haven’t already so you won’t miss a new release!
May 2017 be your best year ever!
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Bonus Scene, Giveaway(s) and More in November

Hello My Passionistas! This month  lots of goodies await you: a free bonus scene from PERFECT, new audio book announcement, and several giveaways to start your holiday season off with a bang.

Bonus Scene from Perfect

First, an outtake from PERFECT (Book #3 of the Elite Doms series) is now available for your reading pleasure. Click here for its super-secret hidey space on my web site. This scene was cut during editing. For those of you who have read PERFECT, this scene takes place before the current Chapter Six where Isabella and Alexander’s walk through his extensive gardens. Enjoy!

Other bonus materials coming your way in coming months: The Three Laws of the Tribunal, London’s List (from UNTOUCHABLE) and an abandoned “chapter one” from PERFECT. Check back here or join my exclusive Readers Group Email Group to get notices sent directly to you.

New Audio Book Coming!

The talented, smexy-voiced Anastacia Whatley is recording UNTOUCHABLE right now. Woo-hoo. I can’t wait to hear Carson and London’s banter outloud. (They are quite lively in my head.) You’ll be the first to know when it’s available, so watch future reader group emails and my Facebook page for an announcement. 

About UNTOUCHABLE: Carson Drake is the master of the romantic pre-emptive strike. But then he meets London Chantelle who tests every assumption he’s ever had about love.

In the meantime, Lovely is available via audiobook right now. Let me know what you think?

November Giveaway: In honor of Gratitude Season

You are so wonderful to hang with me here and in all the fun social media spots. In honor of YOU: A very special reader gift will go to one lucky winner at the end of this month: a $25 Amazon Gift Card just in time for that holiday spending. Giveaway awarded December 1 at 12 noon Eastern time. Anyone from anywhere may enter once a day. 


Congratulations to Lynn W for winning last month’s giveaway: a swan pendant and cord. 

Also, check out for a super special giveaway on Black Friday (November 25), the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. That day, LadySmut bloggers, myself included, will post many free book excerpts for your reading pleasure, and we’ll be giving away a basket of books and goodies to someone who comments under any post from that day. Mark your calendars to visit on November 25!

While you’re at LadySmut, check out my latest blog post there: Ghosts Making Booty Calls. Did you know they do??? And apparently some of them are quite fresh. The nerve.


Heard of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo, the international speed-writing event that happens every November? Well, this girl is doing it in an effort to get you the fourth Elite Doms book, LUCKY, as soon as humanly possible. That means speed-writing every. single. day. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap!! Visit me on Facebook for daily progress. Snippets of the book will be shared along the way. 

Preliminary blurb below (i.e. the publisher hasn’t even seen it yet). This could change but it gives you some sense of where LUCKY is headed:

Billionaire and successful entertainment investor Derek Damon Wright learned at a young age to never trust a silent, smiling woman. But on his 13th nightclub opening in Washington, DC, a woman walks in with a smile he’s never seen before—-one that he curiously trusts and who rocks his boring, albeit privileged, world.

Some of your favorite Elite Doms make appearances in LUCKY, too. See inspiration for Derek below. <drool>

May you have an enjoyable November. I’ll be counting my blessings this Thanksgiving season, starting with YOU and all the readers who have shared some of their time with the Elite Doms of Washington.




Sexy Snippet Day: Excerpt from UNTOUCHABLE. Oo-la-la.


~~A smexy, wholly-inappropriate-if-you’re-at-work, reading moment awaits you below~~

~~From Untouchablean Elite Doms of Washington novel.~~

~~Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians.~~

~ ~ ~ Excerpt ~ ~ ~

Not Safe For Work or Children
18+ Only Please

Carson tipped both candles over her wrist. Her fingers danced as the drippings made contact and she gasped. “Oh!” A wax line formed, the edges pooling on the sheet.

“You are being cuffed to the table with wax. If you break these restraints, I’ll find something stronger.”

She curled her fingers as if she tested the bond.


“I-I won’t break them.”

He streamed more wax until she wore a thin manacle on her wrist. The bond barely covered her skin. If she was the submissive he believed, she’d feel it like an iron chain.

“You’re mine tonight,” he said.

She sent her other arm out, away from her body as if ready for the same treatment. Her acceptance of his handling made his groin tighten in anticipation. Primal London had returned.

He secured the other wrist with a waxy shackle. But her legs would require more than candle drippings. In addition to the soy candles, he’d warmed his largest block of paraffin in a crock pot. If his mother knew what he did with her Christmas gift, she’d lose her final hope of him ever being domesticated.

He dipped a ladle into the wax bath and continued until her ankles wore similar restraints to her wrists. Now cuffed by wax chains, spread wide, he stepped back to admire London’s captivity. A small smile played on her lips, finally relaxed. Finally giving into the inevitable.

Carson picked up a small paintbrush and dipped it into the pot. He painted a thin layer of wax over one nipple. She arched and sighed under the sensation. He then took one of the larger candles, and holding it high, let a long stream flow over her breast. She cried out and flinched. One hand broke through its cuff.

Her forehead furrowed. “I-I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Of course not.” He chuckled. “That’s the point.”

She returned his laughter, but quickly swallowed it back. “Carson? I won’t do it again.”

He touched her arm. “Of course you won’t.”

After he resecured her wrist with more wax, her fingers quivered. Tension in her belly returned, perhaps fighting to lift herself toward him? Her pussy glistened, and not from oil, but from growing arousal. London enjoyed being handled, he thought. He mentally added the sentiment to London’s List.

She balled her fists. The thin shackles didn’t crack. He spilled more melted candle onto her waiting body. A seal formed over her breast from drizzling wax, spiral-fashion. My mark. “This is the only white you should wear.”

He turned to the paraffin wax bath and scooped out a full dipper of the mix. With one long stream, he drew small circles around her other breast. A coiled cap formed over her flesh. She squirmed under the liquid heat, soft moans escaping her lips. More candle drippings formed waxy rivers and tributaries over her belly and her hips. Her skin reddened around the waxy parts from the stimulation and heat.

He traded candles. He’d empty one of its liquid while allowing the others to burn down more, creating their own small pools of melted warmth. Large sections cooled to semi-hardness. Unable to stay motionless any longer, her back arched with each new stream that met her skin. Wax separated and cracked, except for the thin shackles securing her wrists. She balled her fists, as if willing them to stay intact.

By the time he’d moved to her legs, she took in big gulps of air. He ran one long line of warm melted candlewax down one thigh to her knee. A light sheen had formed over her upper lip and forehead. When he crossed her low belly with a large spill of wax, she squealed. Her hands threatened to dart upward. Her manacles barely held. But she stopped herself from completely freeing her wrists and ankles.

His belly clenched. London, the woman who fought his every move in meetings, argued every word from his mouth, now fought to honor his control. The shields London had erected to deny her desires had begun to fall away.

Now we begin.

Available on Amazon   Kobo  Smashwords   B&N 

Untouchable (Elite Doms of Washington, #2)


Review Love 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon

” . . .a well rounded and executed read. Highly recommend!”
~Amazon reviewer

“SaFleur perfected the balance between an intriguing story line and sensual erotica!”
~Amazon reviewer

” . . . had me hooked, and I didn’t want to put it down until the end. It was deeply erotic, sensual and steamy.
” ~Amazon reviewer

Sexy Snippet Day: UNTOUCHABLE. The Erotic Saga Continues.


~Who wants a little hot read on a Saturday morning? {Raises hand.}~

~The excerpt below is from Untouchable, an Elite Doms of Washington novel.~ 

~Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians.~

~ ~ ~ Excerpt ~ ~ ~

Carson stood in thrall of London, who sat in his old hardback chair, a holdover from his father’s study. He doubted good old dad would have understood his methods. But perhaps he’d have appreciated the nude and blindfolded London, whose bare ass now graced its seat. She wore only his belt around her waistline.

As directed, her ankles circled the chair legs, which deliciously spread open her knees. She presented a portrait of perfect submission. If she’d stop fidgeting.

She cocked her head, listening, as he undressed. Now wearing nothing but a pair of well-worn fatigues, he was ready to do battle with her cheekiness—both literally and figuratively.

When he ran his hand from the crown of her head down to the side of her face, she leaned into his touch. He’d secured her hair into a tall, messy ponytail with an elastic, a leftover from a long-ago liaison with someone whose face he couldn’t have reconstructed if he’d tried. With London, so seductively perched on his desk chair, all past play faded like century-old wallpaper.

“London, what is the first rule of a Dominant-submissive scene?”

“Listen to you.”

“No. The first rule is to stay safe. If I restrained you, would you feel safe or in danger?”

“Protected.” Her answer collided with his question. Her chest pinked as if embarrassed by her quick admission.

Carson understood a woman’s deep-seated need to be special, cherished and chosen. But London’s answer was unexpected. From her.

One weekend wouldn’t be enough to solve the mystery of London Chantelle. Yet his desire to take down at least a few of her walls made his cock swell, a signal at least one part of him was up for the challenge. After all, he’d spent countless weekends teasing a sub’s trust to the forefront, and its ensuing courage. This weekend wouldn’t be any different. More intense, considering the effect she had on him, but still just a weekend.

“What now?” she asked.

“Right now, all I will allow is that you sit there. Wait. And listen.”

Available on Amazon

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Also on Audible here.


Review Love
Average 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon

“SaFleur enthralls her audience, thrusting readers into her elite club of
Dominants with class. ”
~Amazon Reviewer

“SaFleur made it easy as readers to soak up the sex, intrigue, and at times touching moments between the focal points of the book. Artfully done, without losing the steam and heat that drives the book forward.”
~Amazon Reviewer

“After reading Lovely, I devoured Untouchable in a day. SaFleur’s characters are relatable (even in situations foreign to most of us), and her BDSM scenes are phenomenally well-written, and dare I say, researched.”
~Amazon Reviewer

Sexy Snippet Day: UNTOUCHABLE Excerpt for Your Reading Pleasure


An excerpt from
an Elite Doms of Washington novel
Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians.

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~ ~ ~ Excerpt ~ ~ ~

Carson scooped her up and set her down on the corner of the bed more gently than she expected. Her legs dangled over the side of the mattress. He smiled down at her as he widened her thighs with his large hands. His dark eyes burned clear through her courage.

He pulled her to the edge so his pelvis connected with her crotch. The ridge of his hard-on ran up her low belly and beyond. Oh. The bed had been clearly designed for such a connection. Its height provided an opportunity for many stimulating positions.

He unknotted his tie and pulled it through his collar. He draped it over her neck. “Hang on to this.” He ran his fingers down its length, pressing the silk between her breasts.

“Going to tie me up?”

“We’ll see.” He unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, his silver cufflinks flashing in the firelight. She caught the engraving: CsD. She wanted to know what the “S” in his initials represented. Probably sex. Because the man was it—personified.

A smattering of dark hair peeked out from his open shirt. His biceps strained the shirt sleeve fabric. Even without seeing him nude, she began to understand his strength. Carson Drake may have been an attorney, but nothing underneath his business suit spoke of pushing paper. His body represented a lifetime of breaking granite with bare hands.

“Yes, you may touch me.” He placed both hands on her cheeks and lifted her gaze.

Her hands found their way to his abdomen, caressing the hard muscle through his shirt, a betrayal of the desire she wanted to withhold from him—at least until she herself got used to it. She dropped them to her lap. “Sorry.”

A low chuckle rumbled from that glorious chest that she wanted to see, to touch, to do so much more against—the dangerous more.

He ran his thumb across her cheek. “Yes, patience will be your first lesson.”

Available on Amazon   Kobo  Smashwords   B&N 
Untouchable (Elite Doms of Washington, #2)
Review Love

“Just the right mix of character development to make the steamy erotic scenes of BDSM peak.”
~Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“I was completely engrossed in this story from the first few sentences.”
~Amazon Reviewer

“Full of twists with a steady pace, unforgettable characters…”
~Voluptuous Book Diva

“…this book has made me want to run out and get everything she’s ever written!”
~Amazon Reviewer