New Audiobook Release, an Erotic Romance With Heart

Lets Talk Audio! I’m super excited to report that Lovely, book one of the Elite Doms of Washington Series, has been made into an audio book.

Personally, I’ve been listening to more audiobooks in the last six months. Listening rather than reading gives my eyes a break and makes doing the dishes soooo much more interesting.

Here’s a chance to get Lovely for free!

Are you on audible? Would you be willing to write a review for the audio version of Lovely?  The first three people who can email me a ‘yes’ ‘to both those questions, will receive a code for a free copy of Lovely, narrated by the very talented and sexy-voiced Anastasia Whatley. (Email me here:

The audio version of Lovely is just over 11 hours long. That’s half the length of the last Black Dagger Brotherhood book I listened to! (Love me some BDB.)

I only have 3 FREE codes left, and I suspect they’ll go fast so email me quickly – again if you’re on audible (that’s a requirement to listen). Thanks for considering giving Lovely a listen.

About Lovely

Stand alone. Not a cliff-hanger. HEA, M/F, BDSM elements, graphic language, one hot Congressman and his young female sub.

Can you have love and power at the same time?

Politician and billionaire Jonathan Brond has mastered his work, his reputation and the art of sexual domination while keeping his family’s political legacy intact. But a chance encounter with college student Christiana Snow promises something he didn’t think was possible–meeting someone honest. When the charismatic man proposes a summer of sensual, sexual submission, Christiana leaps into his world—the antidote to her bland life. But Washington, D.C. is an unforgiving place. Soon gossip and scandal threaten their relationship. Yet, in a town of players, introducing a new game is the only way out. Who knew love would be the winning plan?

Read the reviews here.

The Elite Doms of Washington series shows that not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians.




Perfect Fire


PERFECT is filled with some firsts – for me as well as the characters. It’s a second chance story featuring domestic discipline, some edge play, and other surprises. But I promise a happy-ever-after ending. Story excerpt below.

Story Blurb:
Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden.
After her husband’s death, Isabella Santos fled Washington and its bruising memories. But estate matters force her to return and fate gives her a chance to connect with a man she’d always secretly longed to call Master—Mark, the brother of her late husband.

Mark, retired from his black ops career, grabs the second chance Isabella’s sudden appearance in D.C. presents. He’s never forgiven his late brother’s neglect of Isabella, a woman he’s loved from afar for ten years. Now reunited, he’s determined to earn her heart and submission.

As their forbidden love blooms, they forge a perfect domestic discipline life that provides a feeling of oneness, completion and a healing of wounds neither knew they had. But her family’s opposition and demons from her husband’s past have different ideas. In the end, Mark must become more than her Master. He must use all his training and skills to become her savior.



Excerpt from PERFECT, an Elite Doms of Washington erotic romance

When Isabella entered the Library, her spine snapped straight. Mark sat in a tall-backed, velvet chair. His arms draped casually over the armrests like a king settled into his throne. He didn’t turn when they entered. His focus remained on a nude, statuesque redhead who lay face-up on a table.

“Who is that woman?” Isabella had to know.

“It’s not what you think, Isabella. Charlotte is under his protection.” Alexander understood her unspoken question. Why is he with her?

A dark-haired man peered down at the porcelain-skinned woman. Her fiery hair and lush figure left Isabella feeling small and ordinary, like a daisy to a bird of paradise bloom.

The man turned, dipped two cotton-tipped wands into a shallow dish and then waved them over a pillar candle igniting their ends.

She startled.

Alexander’s arm descended on her shoulders. “You’ve seen fire play before?”

“Yes. I’m not—”

“Fond of fire. Do you wish to leave?”

“No.” She jerked her gaze to his face.

Alexander cocked his head at her vehement tone.

“I mean, I’d like to stay. Thank you.”

While she wasn’t a fan of edge play, no one else seemed alarmed. Rather, they appeared riveted by the scene unfolding before them. She wouldn’t flee like a coward. Instead, she’d simply channel the courage Mark displayed.

The other Master’s face glowed in the amber light as he waved the fire sticks over the woman’s body as if preparing her for a fiery impact. “Charlotte,” he growled.

The redhead’s lips moved in response. “Master.”

The one word ran through Isabella like a storm. She flushed. Why did she feel her presence interrupted a private moment? Even surrounded by two dozen people, she sensed the Master, the woman and Mark had secreted to a private world.

The dark-haired Master drummed the wands of fire up the woman’s belly to her breasts. She arched into the flames! Why?

The woman turned her eyes to Mark and sent him a contented smile. The side of his mouth arched up, and he dipped his chin in acknowledgment. Her face softened with a palpable gratitude.

The other man smoothed hair from her dampened forehead while tapping one breast lightly with the lit wand. Her mouth dropped to an “O” and she arched again toward the flame. The Master glanced up at Mark, who had leaned forward in his chair, his gaze sharpening on the woman’s reaction. The other Master caught Mark’s glance and stilled. Mark nodded and the man resumed his actions.

Isabella’s stomach flipped over. There was no way this was not what she thought. Mark most certainly was with this statuesque firewoman. Though the other Master held the fire, Mark’s command of the scene was unquestionable.

“Why is he . . . ?” Her breath hitched.

“Mark is introducing Charlotte and Master R to fire play. It’s her first time.”

As if that made it okay?

Mark leaned back into his chair. His fingers relaxed over the ends of the armchairs. Even from the side, she caught the tiny flashes of firelight glinting in his eyes.

Again, more swipes of the fiery wands captured her attention. They made soft yet sharp sounds, like freshly laundered sheets flapping in the wind.

In her periphery, she was aware that the five or six people, who milled a respectful distance away, had shifted and separated. Couples leaned into one another, as if they’d grown embroiled in the intimacy woven between Mark, the other Master and Charlotte.

She tuned into her body. An undeniable feminine ache settled between her legs. Well, her response to the scene was merely the Club’s atmosphere. Accendos’s very air hung heavy with contagious, sexual arousal.

She shifted her focus to the woman now glowing in a sheen of perspiration. The fire matched the red in her hair, and she seemed to grow almost liquid in her undulations.

Mark’s consideration remained on Charlotte squirming under the attention of two Masters. Charlotte. The name sounded soft, pliable and pleasing, yet it meant “strength.” It was a name given to royalty—to duchesses and princesses.

Princess Charlotte gasped. Mark sat back, as if released from her behest that he provide her his full and undivided attention.

An orange flicker flashed across the woman’s chest and earned a throaty sigh from her throat. The Master then drummed the wands faster up her body.

Isabella nearly tipped backward. Good thing Alexander’s arm kept her upright.

“He’s not hurting her, Isabella. Imagine someone tapping a large, hot Q-tip over your skin.”

She could imagine such a sensation.

“It’s more mind play than anything,” Alexander continued. “Many people are afraid of fire. Are you?”

She slowly nodded. Like most people, she understood fire’s utter indifference to whatever lay in its path. Fire didn’t care if you lived or burned. Yet, today, its warmth called up a strange fear in her that exhilarated rather than paralyzed.

Charlotte seductively licked her lips and peered up at the Master. He cupped a handful of her breast and tapped her nipple with the wand. She cried out lightly, ending in a coo playing on her lips. There was no question she loved the sensation. The Master appeared to love her reaction to what he did.

Isabella took in Princess Charlotte’s assets, adding up her points. At least ten years younger than her. Taller. Breasts more firm. Can withstand fire. Did that last quality win her the crown?

She sent an invisible plea to Mark. She mentally begged him to angle his chin a fraction so he’d catch her in the doorway. If she could just see his confident and stoic face. . . . Alexander had said the redhead was merely under his protection, whatever the hell that meant. In the community, people bandied labels about like confetti.

A loud pop from one of the wands startled her. The flames attached themselves to Charlotte’s skin for the briefest second and then vanished like orange and red ghosts.

She pulled her blouse free from her clammy chest. The slight waft of cooler air did nothing to dissipate the heat growing where it should not be growing. She hadn’t been aroused in . . . how long?

How about in Mark’s kitchen? Or the bridge? Or . . . pick any other time you were with Marcos? Shut up, she told her internal voices. Perhaps she should have tried edge play before. Then Marcos would watch her that way, wouldn’t he?

She projected herself onto the table. If she asked, the flames could land on her skin, make her arch her back that way. Even before she’d been widowed, she hadn’t had a Master’s touch in far, far too long.

Perhaps Marcos could . . .

Stop. She shouldn’t yearn to be in Charlotte’s position. So just don’t think it.

Ha! Like that would work. Her traitorous mind conjured pictures of herself splayed out, nude and writhing, as Marcos, and only Marcos, mastered her body’s reactions. The flames danced over its princess as if alive. Oh, to feel that alive. To have fire skip over her skin. To be the object of Mark’s attention.

He stood. Where was he going?

He strode to Princess Charlotte and smiled down on her. She sent him an adoring look. The kiss he laid on her forehead said everything. He was her real Master, wasn’t he?

Mark sat back down and nodded once. The Master resumed, thrumming the lit wands up the beauty’s legs. The fire skittered across Charlotte’s skin. She twisted and moaned. More licks of warmth reached Isabella’s skin.

She searched the quietest corners of her mind for the bits of peace she’d stitched together in the last few months. The cool, empty places that didn’t need so desperately. They were no help in settling the arousal growing inside.

She turned and looked up at Alexander. He looked over her head and nodded in Mark’s direction. She didn’t dare turn her head.

Alexander gently turned her so she once again faced the scene. “Mark has requested you stay.”

“You got all that from a nod,” she whispered to the center of the room. She didn’t need to pose it as a question. The elite Dominants at Accendos had an uncanny understanding of one another. Their near clairvoyant abilities were part of their allure. They watched out for each other, as they watched out for their charges. Only she wasn’t anyone’s responsibility. She had no Master.

At that instant, her soul felt thrown to the periphery, outside wherever Mark, the other Master and the Fire Princess lived. The detached feeling should have numbed her body. Instead, she was overcome by a sense of loss.

Why had she come back? She should have never returned to D.C.

She glanced up at Alexander once last time, and then fled.


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Giveaway, My Next Book, and Frozen Azaleas

HELLO, my Lovelies!

Just a quick post about what I’ve been up to. Let’s get right to the good stuff.


One lucky winner will receive a super special, who-knows-what-will-end-up-inside SWAG and book bag from the RT Booklovers Convention (held in Las Vegas this year) — the largest gathering of romance readers, authors, bloggers, reviewers and industry leaders. Hubby and I are attending, and we’ll snag all the books, pens, pins, postcards, and other fun items that we can.

Winner announced on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6 p.m. Eastern.
ENTER HERE for this once-a-year giveaway. 

Last year’s loot:RT swag

Planning on attending RT? I’d love to say hello. (Hint: I’ll likely be closer to the bar than the slot machines.)

Congratulations to Maria B. who won March’s giveaway — a  special swag pack from Wild Wicked Weekend, another fun event. (My recap of this most wickedly fun event at LadySmut can be read here.)


Conferences can be the most fun place for a writer to be, especially if they include readers! I’m going to three this year:

RT Booklovers Convention
April 12–17, 2016
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Washington Romance Writers
April 29-May 1, 2016
In the Company of Writers retreat
Tysons Corner, Virginia

Washington Romance Writers
October 8, 2016
Readers & Blogger luncheon 


Did you read my guest blog post on why I think learning to lapdance is a feminist act?  Thanks to Kate Allure’s Sizzling Romance blog for hosting me. (Did you know I teach dance, too? It’s never too late to move it, move it, move it.) Check out my aerial arts and burlesque Pinterest board for those lovers of these dance forms.


PERFECT, the third Elite Doms of Washington book, is coming to you in late spring — if all goes according to plan. The manuscript is being edited as I type. In the meantime, want to visit my Pinterest inspiration boards for the characters, which can be found here (Mark) and here (Isabella)

Sometimes the perfect man is the one most forbidden. 

For ten years, Isabella Santos denied she married the wrong man. After her husband’s death, fate gives her one more chance to connect with her perfect Master—Mark Santos, the brother of her late husband.

character inspiration


My azaleas, which are valiantly trying to stay alive as the nighttime temps dip into the 30s (after being in the 60s).

You can do it. Keep going! Keep going!


Pink Jimmy Choos and A New Kristen Ashley Series!

This interview with KRISTEN ASHLEY first appeared on Check out all the smexiness on this group blog, where I post sometimes.

Author KRISTEN ASHLEY can’t write fast enough (pour moi). That’s saying something since she has published just under 50 books and 10 series, if I counted correctly. If you didn’t read KIERSTEN HALLIE KRUM’s ode to Kristen’s work, you must. Then, consider yourself duly warned that once you turn that first page you will disappear into a pleasure hole of anti-heroes, kick ass chicks, bikers, witches, cowboys (and more), love and lust like you’ve never done before. This New York Times best-selling author offers contemporary, steamy romance, erotic romance, fantasy and paranormal stories that kidnap you. I swear. So don’t say we didn’t warn you. Check our interview with KRISTEN below (with questions from KIERSTEN, too!)

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: Does writing come easy to you? I get the sense you channel characters, given how “alive” they are on the page.
KRISTEN ASHLEY Yes, fortunately, fingers crossed it never ends, writing does come easy for me. I do have times in books where I slow down, usually around two-thirds, three-quarters of the way through when things get tough. But I figure this is because I know I’m coming to the end and I don’t want to say good-bye. But mostly, luckily, it usually flows (ward off writing hexes! so I can keep it that way!).

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR: In terms of genre, are there genres or settings you’d like to explore (soon)? Zombies? Urban fantasy? Dare I ask, historical? Or, perhaps there is a culture (like your bikers) that you’d like to explore?
KRISTEN ASHLEY Weeeeelllll…as I’ve mentioned around and about, I recently read the excellent NATURAL LAW by Joey W. Hill. [Editorial note: We love Joey, too!] I’ve never gone full erotica or BDSM. Though, I did write a complementary short book about Valentine (the witch from my Fantasyland series) that I was going to release alongside BROKEN DOVE which was much in this bent (BDSM erotica with an alpha-sub). I chickened out and never finished it. But when I read Joey’s fab NL, it just opened something up in me and I wrote Amélie and Olivier’s story, setting up an entire new series if that book is taken well. As I’ve mentioned it in a variety of places and there’s been a lot of love thrown my way to release it, we’re looking into that. So that’s one genre I’ve not done that I’ll be jumping into. [Editorial pause from Elizabeth: HAPPY DANCE. SQUEEING. TOSSING HAIR AROUND LIKE CRAZY WOMAN.]

As for the others, anything can happen. I love historicals and they were actually my favorite genre back in the day. So, once I complete some series I’ve got going, who knows what will happen!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR & KIERSTEN HALLIE KRUM (KHK): With the your most recent release, Sebring (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 5), you’ve finished your erotic romance UNFINISHED HERO series. What did you like most about writing this darker series? What more do you wish you could have done in it? Did you find the experience of writing an erotic romance series any different from writing your contemporary series?

KRISTEN ASHLEY I’d always wanted to write anti-heroes. Tack and all the Chaos boys are somewhat anti-heroes and, well, most of my heroes have a significant edge. But really diving into that…I mean, really, I loved it. It was freeing and it was fascinating. Not sure there’s a thing I’d change or add. I think those stories are the bomb. They’d just run their course, what with Nick bookending it after his intro in Knight. And thus it was time to move on!

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR & KHK: Again in SEBRING, you have a heroine (Olivia) whose family defines dysfunction and, in her case, is a day-to-day danger. What makes you revisit the theme of “the family you’re born with vs the family you find/make” in so many of your books?
KRISTEN ASHLEY I really don’t know. It’s just what comes to me. And it’s important to offer depth to a character and one of the things that defines us is how we’re raised, the family we’re born into, what they give us – not to mention the family we make for ourselves through friends.

I think family is a crucial component in life (for good or bad). In my case, I’m fortunate to have a large, crazy, loving, generous, wonderful family so for the good parts, I have lots of inspiration. But when it comes to the bad, when we have to carve a beautiful life for ourselves despite the familial hand we’re dealt, that’s fascinating too.

In the end, the people around us, family and friends, how we let them enrich us, or if we need to endure them, define us and I use that with my characters for the same purpose.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR & KHK: We’re total fan grrls. One of the reasons Kiersten says she’s compelled to re-read your books is because she’s so into the alpha heroes, even when they’re bossy and demanding. (She’s even rated her top five favorites. Shhhh. Don’t tell them.) What is it about the alpha hero archetype that appeals so much to you? Do you think you’d ever write a beta hero?
KRISTEN ASHLEY There are a variety of things I like to inject in my writing. My heroines can be anything – crazy, goofy, shy, outspoken, survivors – but each in their way, they’re strong. They also can be curvy, or have no ass, petite or super tall, and like all of us sisters in real life, their beauty shines through and the people around them (particularly their heroes) see that…big time.

To round that out, I like to share that a man can be a man. He can say what he has to say, do what’s in his nature to do, be strong and this doesn’t overshadow his heroine. He doesn’t cow her or break her either purposefully or through the force of his personality. They complement each other. I want to point out that women can be women however that’s meant to be, they like to cook, want to stay home with their kids, run successful advertising agencies, are talented private investigators, and they can find a man who is what he is, strengths and “flaws,” and they work great together.

I have actually written and released a beta hero. Joker in Ride Steady (Chaos) has alpha traits but he’s a beta in his pack. So yes, I’d write one because I already have! 🙂

KIERSTEN HALLIE KRUM: There is so much humor in your books. My first time through the ROCK CHICKS, I realized it felt like the cray cray in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series…with much better sex. Do you find humor difficult to bring to the page?
KRISTEN ASHLEY Luckily, no. Not sure it would work if I tried to be funny. Then again, this may seem odd, but I sometimes feel it isn’t me who’s funny. My characters are so real in my head, and I’m just going with their flow, it feels like it’s their sense of humor. I always think Indy’s a stitch. Or recently, Justice, in the upcoming BOUNTY, is pretty freaking hilarious. So when I was doing read-throughs, I kept thinking, “Justice is hysterical!” like she was her own person. And in my head she is.

That said, I’m glad their humor works for you!

KIERSTEN HALLIE KRUM: Your epilogues at the end of series are infamously satisfying. Does it feel like leaving family when you end a series? Do you ever have the urge to, say, go back to the ‘Burg for another go?
KRISTEN ASHLEY: Yes. I delayed writing Rock Chick Revolution (Volume 8) for months and months and months for this exact reason. That was the end and it had to be the end and I didn’t want it to end.

But I don’t think of going back. I realized a while ago that I’ve created (with my contemporaries, not sure Lee Nightingale is gonna show up in one of my fantasies – though again, anything can happen!) a whole world. So when I need a security expert, there’s Joe (from AT PEACE). When someone needs an investigator, well, you can take your pick. Or a bodyguard, there’s Mace and his boys (to come, of course). This means I really don’t have to let go. I can revisit them whenever they come to mind…and big bonus, in turn I can give them to my readers.

ELIZABETH SAFLEUR & KHK: Okay – one last question: any rock chick gathering we should be looking out for? We travel, ya know…
KRISTEN ASHLEY: My schedule of appearances is on my website, with links to the official sites for the different events, including the Rock Chick Rendezvous site, and some links to pre-order books for events. We keep that up-to-date as we confirm appearances and we also share the schedule in my newsletter. So it’s always there for folks to find! Visit here!

LADYSMUT: Favorite rock song? (Check out her playlists here. #LOVE)
KRISTEN: God. Seriously? Hard to narrow down to just one. I’ll pick meaningful: “Daughter” by Pearl Jam

LADYSMUT: Favorite rock chick accessory?
KRISTEN: My Cactus Mountain beaded chokers.

LADYSMUT: Driving the motorcycle or riding on the back?
KRISTEN: Riding on the back! Who wants to pay attention to driving when you’ve got unobstructed scenery and the wind blowing in your hair?

LADYSMUT: How many LBDs to you have at this point?
KRISTEN: Hmm…two, no, wait…three.

LADYSMUT: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
KRISTEN: Well, right now it’s my Joie suede booties. They’re comfy and totally kick ass. But it’s winter. In summer, I’d say my carnation pink Choo pumps.


Web site: (Be sure to check out her Rock Girl Nation charitable effort. So cool.)  Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest    Goodreads   Instagram